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Evangelizing experimentation is crucial for getting executives and team at-large on board with a test and learn culture, so strategic communication is not only necessary… It’s a priority.

A big part of successful experimentation is transparency and visibility. Visibility into what we’re doing and what we’re learning—and getting people really excited about that,” explains Lauren Schuman, Director of Growth at MailChimp. “And that has contributed a lot to the success of where we are today.

In this post, learn how to evangelize experimentation to scale your organization’s test and learn culture: we outline a 4-part communications framework for getting people bought into experimentation at your organization—Inspiring, Informing, Involving, and Iterating.

We also provide real-world tactics applied by optimizers at digitally savvy brands like MailChimp, Student Brands, Wistia, and HubSpot. And finally, we'll show you how to lay the groundwork for your organization's test and learn culture through strategic communications.

  • RN

    Rustin Nethercott

    about 2 years ago #

    Really enjoyed this article, Natasha. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes feel like getting team-wide buy-in is a fulltime job in itself. A lot of great stuff here on effectively communicating experiments internally

    • NW

      Natasha Wahid

      about 2 years ago #

      Thanks for your feedback, Rustin. And I totally agree! I think Lauren's point of hiring people who are both strategists and evangelists is really important. It's so helpful when you have a group of people who are excited (and willing to share their excitement) about experimentation.

  • VV

    Vassilena Valchanova

    about 2 years ago #

    Seeing this a bit late, but wow! What a great post! I am right in the middle of planning how to get everyone in a growth state of mind and this has been incredibly helpful!