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Medical Research paper – Do’s and Don’ts

Writing a medical research paper is not an easy task, since it requires careful study of every detail and consideration of ethics. A medical research document must be stable, and an individual investigation must be combined with a theoretical basis. But you can find solace in the fact that all the hard work has been done by other researchers. Therefore there is no need for you to burn the midnight oil in the library to find the medical research paper. You are also not bound to take up a novel problem because it the purpose of those long essays. The essences of medical research paper is in stating the problem and proceed on solving it by referring to the papers that have already been published. Analyze them and take your own decision. But it takes a lot while writing the medical research paper in as structured way. Medical Research Paper: Do’s 1.    Topic should be introduced briefly. The introduction should clearly state the aim of the research. The introduction of medical research paper should progress from general to specific points. 2.    Do mention the research plan. The striking feature of medical research paper that it is to be quickly overviewed 3.    Do give exact specifications of materials and drugs. 4.    Do describe the procedures adopted by you in order to make it easy for future generations to make it easy to replicate your actions and get results 5.    do clearly mention all the sources used. Medical Research Paper: Don’ts 1.    Do not give a elaborate literature review in the introduction of your medical research paper. This should come in list of references. The main aim is introduce readers to rudimentary theoretical work of medical research paper. 2.    Do not give away all your findings in the starting of medical research paper. Save it for the results section that is specifically for the end results of your investigations. 3.    Do not mention names, hospital numbers or any other information of people in medical research paper. 4.    Do not involve animals in your research in order to be safe from animal rights movement’s wrath. 5.    Do not abstain from mentioning the failures or results that were not up to your expectations. These can also point to a new unexpected area of research. Analyze them carefully  

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