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Popups can be useful. But they also might be killing sales conversions on your site. In particular, entry popups — the popups that show immediately when your site loads — are used on (too) many eCommerce sites. In this article, we’re going to: Explain why A/B tests may not show you the truth about popups Show you the specific process we use to get much more accurate data about popups and other stats for our clients Most importantly, we’ll: Show you a better way to collect visitors’ info that won’t interfere with your sales. (This is how we increased one client’s returning visitor conversions by 150%!)

  • DG

    Dana Gore

    9 months ago #

    I know a LOT of people use popups and many say it's worked well for them.
    But they drive me right out of the site. That or I'll just look for whatever way I can to close the window as quickly as possible. I don't even look at it. My only goal is to get rid of it.

    If I find something I really want, I'll enter my info. That's about as simple as it gets for me.
    I find popups distracting and intrusive and it's a great way to turn me off...so i appreciate you sharing this.

    • DK

      Devesh Khanal

      9 months ago #

      This is a good point. I've actually tested popups *for email capture* and when you run that test, you see an increase. The point of the article is important though: If you have other goals (like ecommerce purchases, saas trial starts, etc.) that are more important than emails, it could be hurting those goals.

      (Also exit intent popups and entry popup differences are critical as well)

    • AN

      Andrew Nicoletta

      9 months ago #

      I agree, Dana. From a purely anecdotal perspective, I am the same way. It's all about intent. If I am going to a website to already buy something/sign up, I welcome the popup for a discount or free offer.

      But since I was already going to buy regardless, does the business lose out on revenue overall from this happening over and over? That's kind of a different topic than the article but I even go into an incognito browser when I've already been to a site and about to buy in case there was an entry popup offer no longer showing!

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