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What it’s really like to be an entrepreneur.

  • CJ

    Charlie Jones

    5 months ago #

    Good post! It's true that a job of enterpreneur does not imply a planned vacation, so it is difficult to say when it will be time for rest. I know it from my own experience. When a few free days appear, I quickly pack my suitcase and go somewhere. I should say, last minute travel deals https://travelsites.com/last-minute-travel/ help me a lot as I can book a good vacation package at once. In general, such an occupation is really stressful, mostly because of terms and understading that you won't be paid if your work is not done in time.

    • SE

      Social Eras

      5 months ago #

      the very intial stage of being an entrepreneur is sooo hard, one cannot image if they were not in that position

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