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Our guest today is Emmy Clarke – an experienced marketer with a focus on paid advertising. She’s also a former actress, probably best known for a 6-year stint in the popular TV series “Monk”. She dived into the world of Entertainment at the early age of 10, landing roles in a number of Films & Television series. After 12 years, she decided to put an end to her on-camera acting career and pursue her passion for Media, specifically within the Advertising niche. Now Emmy is the Associate Media Director of Paid Social at Good Apple.

We had the opportunity to talk to Emmy about the paid media. She’s our first guest from this niche and we wanted to learn more about why she chose it.

“I love learning. In paid media, there’s just always so much to learn. What initially piqued my interest in advertising were really the courses I took at Fordham University. I loved learning about the history of media, the paradigm shifts from print to radio to TV, the golden era of advertising, the psychology of it.

But I think a part of it is really just where you land. A lot of people don’t really understand how big of a bite that marketing is to chew. There are so many facets to it. You just kind of need to focus your attention on something. I chose what I do now, this niche within advertising because I love how deep-rooted I have to be in my client’s focus areas and their goals. I think that’s really fun.

That presents so many different challenges depending on the client. Even though we focused on paid media, it’s so intertwined with creativity, with the site experience, with customer satisfaction, with organic growth, and so many other pieces. In order to be a strong paid marketer, you have to learn about all these other pieces of the puzzle and all these other synergies that kind of exist.

It takes years of time and a brain that’s thirsty for knowledge. I love what I do and who knows where it’ll take me. But right now, I feel like I’m still learning so much. I’m excited to see how things progress!”

Emmy told us about the uniqueness of paid media. You need to be versatile and understand all the other parts of marketing. That’s the challenge and the beauty Emmy sees in it.