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The starting point for a successful marketing email is an enticing subject line.
After all, the subject line is often the only thing recipients see before deciding whether or not to open your email. If it doesn’t encourage recipients to open your email, nothing else you included in it matters.

And while we could give you a list of best practices to follow when crafting your email subject lines, we thought it might be more helpful to see some actual examples of subject lines that email marketers have used to drive above average open rates.

More than a third of 42 respondents shared subject lines that earned average open rates of 50% or more.

Check them out here

  • MF

    Mart Frank

    5 months ago #

    Good one Spela, Thanks for sharing.

  • DW

    Design Web

    5 months ago #

    Great post. I love the idea of personalizing the subject line. We all feel like we're just a part of the funnel online, so cutting past that "you're just a number" feeling is a great tip in my book :)

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