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  • GH

    Graham Hunter

    over 6 years ago #

    @Andree True.

    I think what I'd love to see is some typical email flows from different companies. It will obviously be different because many of them are transactional (based on usage), but It would still be interesting to see who is sending what when.

    I have kept every email from GA that I've ever gotten. Here are the results. Some of these emails correspond with launch dates for their classes.

    Day 0: Welcome Email
    Day 1: Product offering email
    Day 6: Product explanation email
    Day 10: Content +upcoming events
    Day 12: Content + Single Product Pitch
    Day 14: Upcoming events
    Day 17: Content+ Upcoming events
    Day 18: Contest
    Day 31: Content + Upcoming Events
    Day 33: "Meet the Faculty"

    If people are interested I could turn this into a tear down with images.


  • AH

    Andree Huk

    over 6 years ago #

    Nice collection, the most tricky thing remains: when to send what

    • AT

      Aytekin Tank

      over 6 years ago #

      Medium sends an email when something positive happens: Someone liked your post; someone added it to a collection; your post started moving (started getting traffic); here is top reads of the week. Every email has a small bit of motivation.

      So, instead of trying to push emails down their throat, send them good news. That will help users feel good about themselves and in turn about your site.

      Now, how do you actually find these feel good points, that's the hard part. We are designing an email to congratulate them after creating a form. This email both have utility (contains form URL and embed link) and feel-good.