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I Downloaded a PDF From a Shopify Blog And What Happened Next Was Pretty Boring

See, I came to the Shopify blog for three reasons:

1. I wanted to see another SoW to learn how I could improve on mine. 2. Shopify is a trustworthy site in my eyes. 3. I saw Kurt’s name in the (ahem, non-optimized) meta description.

That’s it.

What I didn’t know when I landed on that article was that it was on the Partners Blog and not the main Shopify blog. I had plenty of clues but (and this is important so pay attention) I wasn’t looking at any of those clues.

Remember… I was there for this statement of work sample.

So what did I do?

Read on to find out what your visitors are doing when they land on your blog posts.

  • DH

    Dani Hart

    over 1 year ago #

    @lovevalgeisler love this post!

    The teams that are actually able to act on growing long-term value (considering customer empathy) with email will win. Unfortunately, this is not easy to track quickly and sooOo many email programs are set up to achieve short-term incentives and often get pushy without considering how the user perceives the program or who those users are.

    Thanks for laying out some great action items for aspiring A+ players to follow!

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