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This 8,300+ words article illustrated with 40+ examples lists all email newsletter design best practices you should be aware of.

Read on this comprehensive post if you send newsletters on a regular basis. There are a lot of insights and learnings for you.

Subtitles of the post:

  • Email design or email content first?
  • What should an email design brief include?
  • Email newsletter designs are boring!?
  • Email width is 600 px in most cases
  • Newsletter header design best practice
  • Newsletter navigation bar design best practice
  • Hero section/unit design best practice
  • Use animated GIFs in the hero section/unit
  • Challenges with animated GIFs in email
  • Best fonts for your next email newsletter
  • Best practice font size and line height in email
  • Call to action (CTA) best practices in newsletters
  • Is there an ideal CTA size, color or shape?
  • Email content block design best practices
  • Email footer design best practices
  • How to make your email newsletter footer compelling for the eye?
  • Your email newsletter designs shouldn't be boring after all! (Summary with actionable TIPS)

P.S. This is the most comprehensive post which we have ever produced so far.

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