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Planning an email marketing campaign is one of the most important aspects. Using this post you are going to focus on the pre-launch checklists that will save your email campaign from the catastrophe.

  • SC

    salman CrispLive

    11 months ago #

    great work, thanks for collection of awesome todos..

  • RO

    rajesh OPH

    11 months ago #

    This is a very usefully Information Thank you so munch Mr. Adrian Val sharing This post.

  • SS

    SarangBhai SarangBhai

    11 months ago #

    My question is, is there a way to retrieve or extract one of the old image files from the stylesheet/spritesheet, or the reddit so we can edit it and create images for the newer server numbers? Or would we just need to start from scratch and create all-new images for all servers?