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These email design trends for 2020 are the place to start. Not only will using these ideas help create a visually appealing message, but trendy elements can also help boost opens and conversion rates with content and elements users want to see.

  • ST

    Sanover Tasneem

    3 months ago #

    You have really proposed very helpful and creative templates for email. We gonna see all these trends in 2020, it will be helpful if we incorporate these changes in our mailing system. Thank you for the amazing post.

    • AV

      Adrian Val

      3 months ago #

      I'm happy you found it useful. I hope the emails will be more interactive next years.

  • DM

    Dhruv Mehta

    3 months ago #

    Very insightful and a cluster of ideas in one place.


  • JP

    Jessica Pretty

    3 months ago #

    The template's designs are a useful one and that shopping email animation is very nice one.

  • HP

    harry patel

    3 months ago #

    Email design trend which you are describe is very helpful for me.

  • AT

    Alex Thomas

    3 months ago #


  • AJ

    abha jha

    3 months ago #

    very insightful

  • SB

    Swagatika Behera

    3 months ago #

    Hi, Really a very nice blog to read about Email Design trends in 2020. Ideas are so correct. The One thing I would like to suggest that we should also think about Email verification before sending the designed Emails. If the list is valid then it will be beneficial for the Email campaign.

  • KA

    Khizer Ahmed

    3 months ago #

    This is amazing!

  • ES

    Erik S

    3 months ago #

    Great examples. Useful ideas for my 2020 email campaigns.