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Linking building is one of the most important SEO strategies that has stood the test of time through all Google’s algorithm updates…

…and is no less important when it comes to your ecommerce store.

It’s important to understand that links coming from high-quality relevant content that already ranks highly are much better then links coming from low quality loosely (or not at all) related content.

Think of it this way…

Would you rather have Ed Sheeran supporting you to sell music or Jedward? (If you don’t know who Jedward are then that further proves my point).

But how do you build backlinks to your ecommerce store?

In his latest post on our blog, Matthew Woodward is showing 8 strategies that will have you shooting up the rankings in no time! 👇

  • AS

    Angelina Smith

    9 months ago #

    Very much thankful for the post.

    The eight techniques covered are equally applicable to non eCommerce sites. And, except for broken link building, I have had decent success with other techniques shared above.

    Replacing dead links from other sites is a great way to build backlinks. However, every time I approach site owners for a broken link, I get a typical response asking for financial returns. Wondering if others do face the same issue. Or, this is how the technique works Or this happens only to sites with lesser DA like mine esalesdata dot com. At times, I feel, I am taken for a ride as I was asked as much as $1000 to replace their link.