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The top 3 reasons consumers visit an ecommerce store relate to pricing.
In this article, Alex from Altosight, explains how to monitor your competitors' prices, identify the products for which you can offer a better price, and what techniques you can follow to lower your prices.

  • RS

    ritu shona

    7 months ago #

    Hey Greg,

    Thank you for this wonderful sharing tips on pricing strategies. Yes, in this world of competition, we should be peculiar enough in pricing to attract consumers. As you said above, less pricing for few products and consistently targeting those products will definitely give an outcome.

    Very informative. Hats off.

    • AC

      Alex Chaidaroglou

      6 months ago #

      Hi Ritu,

      Actually it was a guest post from me, so thank you for your kind words. Glad you found it useful!

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