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The level of competition in eCommerce continues to grow. Businesses are doing everything they can to capture and hold the attention of potential customers. If you want your business to succeed and grow, you need to take advantage of all of the latest marketing technology. New tools allow us to delight customers by providing website experiences designed just for them. Your customers get their own unique, personalized experience, and you get more sales and revenue.

Fortunately, eCommerce personalization is no longer limited to massive sellers with huge technology budgets. Now any eCommerce site can take advantage of these tools and gain a competitive edge. eCommerce personalization does more than offer your customers unique experiences. It can dramatically increase revenues. Personalization leads customers to buy more, and it is shown to increase customer loyalty.

Here are five eCommerce personalization strategies that you can get started with right away.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    4 months ago #

    Sadly most of these techniques are creepy and intrusive.

    I wish marketers would become more ethical in 2020.

    Privacy is no joke anymore. Everybody needs it now. Offer it.

  • AB

    Andrew Bowman

    4 months ago #

    Yeah, me too, but I think this isn't possible that marketers would become more ethical in 2020(