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France is an important European country with one of the world’s largest ecommerce markets.

France’s ecommerce market is typical of Europe. Over the last several years, it has shown modest growth, a declining rate of growth, and rising m-commerce sales. Amazon dominates as the leading retailer, with few signs of usurpation any time soon.

France ranks reasonably well on most business indexes like the “Logistics Performance” and “E-Government Development” indexes (although not as well as some other markets like Germany and the UK) and has a high rate of internet penetration.

Nonetheless, the French ecommerce market does have some unique characteristics and challenges. There are obstacles to doing business not seen in other European markets, like a sometimes-volatile political situation and low rate of cross-border purchases. As with all European economies, the long-term impacts of Brexit remain to be seen. Forecasts are generally pessimistic.

There is also some interesting activity in several key areas, like a fast-growing grocery sector. France also has one of the highest return rates in the world, although high return rates are more common to European markets.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the main statistics, trends, and forecasts for the French ecommerce market.

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