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Raise your hands up if this has happened to you:

You're browsing Amazon and see a product priced at $50.

Then you brew some coffee, go for a quick bite, come back and hit the refresh button, then you find that SAME product costs $57.5?!

What gives?

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to: Dynamic pricing.

Dynamic pricing has been used in the hospitality and travel industry for years, and now the eCommerce industry is starting to adopt the same strategy.

Hate it or love it, it just works.

In this post, you'll learn:

- What is dynamic pricing?
- How does dynamic pricing work?
- The benefits of dynamic pricing
- 3 dynamic pricing pitfalls to avoid
- How to get started with dynamic pricing
- The dos and don’ts of dynamic pricing
- How to gradually implement dynamic pricing into your eCommerce business

  • PO

    Paweł Ogonowski

    9 months ago #

    That's a really great writeup Dennis. If anyone has not yet explored that strategy, this article is a great place to start learning about it.

    What I see is that many retailers put too much pressure on pushing their sales up, forgetting that making a 1pp improvement to their profit margin can have a tremendous impact on their business.

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