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Before the internet, consumers really only had two options for buying goods:

OPTION #1: To order them and waiting for them to ship by post, a process that could take some serious time in the days before Prime two-day existed

OPTION #2: Or to go to a physical store where they purchased goods at retail prices.

With the rise of ecommerce came another option:
OPTION #3: Direct to consumer sales

And with a sharp (and continuing) rise in direct to consumer sales, tech-savvy manufacturers now have the option to skip the retail step altogether and market and sell their products straight to the consumers who want and need them.

That means there’s a little bit of a learning curve for manufacturers, who under old models only needed to know how to sell their products to retailers.

But for those willing to put in the time to learn new skills and try new strategies, there’s a whole new world online where manufacturers can manage their own storefronts and provide personalized products and services.

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  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    about 1 month ago #

    lol @ email being "old fashioned" marketing...but I guess that's actually pretty accurate in the age of native ads, social media, etc.!

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