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Dr. Robert Cialdini's 6 Principles of Persuasion are instrumental to understanding how social influence works.

Here are the 6 principles, together with more than 50 examples of real-life applications:

  1. Reciprocity - In many social situations, we pay back what we received from others.

  2. Commitment (and Consistency) - We tend to stick with whatever we’ve already chosen.

  3. Social Proof - We tend to have more trust in things that are popular or endorsed by people that we like.

  4. Liking - We are more likely to comply with requests made by people we like.

  5. Authority - We follow people who look like they know what they’re doing.

  6. Scarcity - We are always drawn to things that are exclusive and hard to come by.

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    Samuel Hum

    over 5 years ago #

    @lincolnmurphy I really liked your input in the post on Reciprocity! Would love to hear if you have any other interesting thoughts on the other principles.