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In this article I'll share with you the two key insights I've found for using analytics tools successfully. But first, I'll explain why some companies try and fail at using analytics, so that you don't fall into the same trap...

  • DJ

    Danny J. Williams

    about 5 years ago #

    Loved the analogy on building a bridge, Grigoriy! Segmenting down and establishing goals to measure output is crucial to successful analytics.

    In conducting analytics and campaigns, I often find myself going back to the phrase "Go one inch wide and one mile deep, NOT one mile wide and one inch deep". Something to consider for a marketing mantra!

    Thanks for the great read. Well done.

  • VR

    Vanez Revales

    about 5 years ago #

    This analytic tool is very important if you want to understand what is working and what is not in your marketing. However, many of Google analytic users find it difficult to understand the tool because they may find the information confusing. If they want to simplify the stats, they can do a research on Google for additional tools that could help them display the google analytic information in a simpler format.

  • AL

    Ariel Lederman

    almost 5 years ago #

    I shall never fear!