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Few brands have managed what Clubhouse has achieved.

In under one year they've managed to...

- Attract 2,000,000 users
- Secure over $100,000,000 in funding
- Achieve Unicorn status ($1B valuation)

It's crazy fast growth and they're outperforming where other social networks were at the 1 year mark.

The question is, how did they do it and what does the future hold.

We went deep on analysing everything about Clubhouse to give you the details on how they've grow so quickly.

In this article we deconstruct...

- Clubhouse's financials
- Clubhouse's user numbers
- Potential revenue models they could explore
- The primary growth strategy they've used to grow so big so quick
- How you could recreate Clubhouse's growth strategy in your business
- Red flags for all of the Clubhouse stans out there