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Did you know that the term ‘growth hacking’ was invented with a mint julep and two beers in a bar in Southern California? I bet you didn't! Since that time, a bevy of ‘new age’ strategies have taken shape and helped spur massive growth for the companies using them. This article by the team at Linktexting lists 17 growth strategies adopted by today’s trendsetting apps to gain mileage and supercharge their growth. They have decoded the growth strategy used by app likes Airbnb Spotify HotelTonight Tinder Duolingo Lyft Canva VSCO Pinterest Avis Runkeeper Yooroomie Instacart Yummly AllRecipes Close5 Pocket Bank of America App marketers can learn a lot from these strategies; they are nimble and have a simple ‘copy & paste’ approach due to their fluid nature, so can be put into action instantly!

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