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So many companies talk about being data driven these days, but in my experience I very rarely see any that actually fit the bill. In this technical growth marketing space there is a lot of data, from a lot of data sources and 3rd party platforms. Each of these platforms provides a new lens or context on a set of data, helping tactical teams optimise and grow at a local level. Some of these even provide basic data analysis such as cohort analysis, which is great - but there is very little information out there about building a lean data strategy. One that will offer businesses a scalable framework for collecting, storing and analysing data at scale from a range of sources. In this article, I have tried to break down one such approach using a framework called the Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) enabling businesses to make the most of their data and become genuinely data driven. There are many frameworks, but i felt this was the most appropriate for the Growth Hackers community. I hope it helps, and i would love your feedback or alternatives. Cheers.

  • AA

    Alex Appelbe

    11 months ago #

    Great article Logan. Actually this is really relevant to industrial manufacturers too. Mostly their data strategy is defensive, which makes it really hard to access the data needed to solve problems in a fast and flexible way. Data labelling is complex, and access to data isn't readily available (ie. access is controlled by a single gatekeeper. Request a database query and sit tight for 3 weeks until the gatekeeper allows you access (often to the wrong data set!))

    • LH

      Logan Hall

      11 months ago #

      Thanks dude. It's interesting you say that as i think that most larger businesses are likely still in that mode. It's older, and less driven by putting data in the front of those that can really use it on the front line. I think you will see a lot of businesses shaking up their data strategies, as they try and push the ability to query close to the front lines. Corporations are spending a lot of money to focus on self publishing data strategies, so watch this space. :)

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