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Dark patterns are manipulative nudges that you might encounter in your everyday digital life. Think of the time when you accidentally clicked on a “Yes” button of a pop-up ad because it was swapped with a “No” button that always used to be on the right. Or, the time you were tricked to subscribe to a brand newsletter because clicking on a simple “No” was made deliberately guilt-ridden.

It works because most of us have a fleeting attention span and, hence, we skim through things we read online. The internet is crowded with content and we always try to cherry pick the ones that entice us. But our filtering mechanism doesn’t always work in our favor. We don’t pay a close attention to the messaging in a pop-up or read a fine print thoroughly. Manipulative marketers take advantage of this fact can design things or phrase words in a way that exploits this behavior.

This article delves deeper on that. Probably a must read for all here.

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