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Annette Franz, writer and co-founder of industry blog CX Journey, chats with customerserviceguru.co.uk about the world of customer service and why sometimes the customer doesn't / shouldn't come first. Interview questions answered by Annette in the article:
  • How did you get started in the customer experience field? When did your career start to take shape?
  • What was the inspiration to start up your own blog, CX Journey?
  • You place a lot of emphasis on the idea that customer experience is a journey and not a destination. What’s the reason behind this belief, and how can this perception help companies deliver a better customer experience?
  • What, in your opinion, are the foundational ingredients of a good customer service experience, at the most basic level?
  • In today’s consumer market, what do you think is one of the largest problems with regards to delivering customer service?
  • Which 3-5 entrepreneurs or business innovators do you think have managed to nail the approach to customer service within their company?
  • If you had to pinpoint just one, which area would you recommend all business owners should invest in for the best effects?
  • You have a strong belief that if companies take care of their employees, putting them first ahead of the customer, then happy customers will naturally follow. Can you give any example(s) where you have seen this concept in action?
  • What companies/brands do you believe are bringing excellent service and experiences home to their customers every single day?

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