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Customer churn rate is one of the paramount metrics for tracking business performance over time. No matter how good a product or service is, a zero rate is impossible. However, it’s feasible to set realistic goals, monitor the metric consistently, and control or even lower your customer churn.

Of course, some customers will churn. This is inevitable. Focus your customer churn prevention strategy on keeping your core groups of customers, the most loyal ones.

In a nutshell, to grow, you must tackle customer churn head on. You can do this by focusing in some way on improving the customer experience with your brand.

Since customer dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons behind customer attrition, knowing the customers’ thoughts and impressions is key to reducing customer churn. An effective process of gathering and analyzing feedback will be extremely helpful to this end.

This article explains the correlations between the customer attrition rate and other important indicators, how to calculate it, and what steps can help reduce customer churn.

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    Maeva Cifuentes

    3 months ago #

    Hey great post. Nice how you've laid out all the metrics. Every hacker forum is filled with these metrics these days, but I bet a lot of hackers don't realize how to utilize them. Is there something like a good average per metric that you could add?