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In our experience, many B2B SaaS companies abandon their paid media channels too early, without fully exploring all the options available to them, and based on hunches instead of data.

We’ve learned from discussions with prospects and clients that there is a tendency to make false assumptions about their optimal customer-channel fit, often because of past difficulties they’ve faced while using one digital marketing channel or another.

Some of the common challenges we hear about include:

With Google Ads: Companies often reach a scaling ceiling with the amount they can spend on the keywords they want to target. When they reach this ceiling, most transition over to Facebook or LinkedIn Ads because they don’t know what else they can do with Google.
With LinkedIn Ads: They know it is supposed to be a great channel for B2B advertising, but they aren’t sure they want to invest in the higher costs associated with the platform. So they choose to advertise elsewhere or test it out only in a limited way (which is reflected in their results).
With Facebook Ads: They’re able to spend a lot of their budget, but their customer acquisition costs are high and it doesn’t seem to be leading to many conversions. They suspect it’s not the best social media channel for a B2B SaaS product, but they feel like they’ve run out of options so they continue advertising there anyway.

In this article we’ll cover the mistakes we see SaaS marketers making, our advice to mitigate these mistakes, and an overview of our approach for finding customer-channel fit when we test paid media channels with new clients.

  • LK

    Lachlan Kirkwood

    5 months ago #

    Always so important to experiment with different channels and uncover meaningful insights from performance data.

    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of each platform 🙌