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How to build a community that thrives?

With an idea, dedication, and motivation. It doesn't appear overnight, but when it clicks it's hard to make the growing stop.

At least that's how it happened with Mixergy, one of the best sources of information for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Read about:

🌱The seed that put the Mixergy in motion.
⌛ Prioritizing longevity instead of a quick buck.
Amassing a loyal following.

And learn how to nurture🌳 your brand's audience in our new creator story. Don't miss out! 👇

  • AR

    alice rose

    8 days ago #

    Such an in-depth post. A real treat! Content creators are taking over the internet so it's good to give them attention on time. Love the blog as well, keep it up!

  • NE

    nick eddyson

    7 days ago #

    wow I love this

  • AG

    Anthony Gaenzle

    4 days ago #

    Love the in depth backstory. I really like this line “ You can only commit your entire life to something that’s simultaneously your passion project.” It’s so true. If you are going to be successful at something and be in it for the long haul, your full dedication is required, and to avoid burnout and keep pushing, that requires passion.