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We (Freshsales CRM) partnered with Aaron Ross (Author, Predictable Revenue otherwise known as the “Sales Bible of the Silicon Valley”) for a webinar on “Creating Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue”.In this webinar Aaron talks about: - 3 fatal mistakes CEOs and revenue leaders make all the time - How to build a sales machine that can triple your growth rate - Why salespeople shouldn’t prospect - How to hire and grow the best kinds of salespeople How to build an “outbound” sales team Painful Truth 1: You’re not ready to grow The most common reason you're struggling to grow is that you're not ready to grow. You're not ready to grow until you nail a niche. When most companies start off in the yellow, you get referrals, friends, family, getting customers through relationships. At some point you just decide it's time to grow, you say we need to grow faster, right?

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