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Phone calls have 30–50% conversion rates, compared to only 1–2% for clicks. This Stamplay app will call your new leads as they submit the form and connect them with a phone number of your choice.

  • PD

    Peter Dziedzicz

    about 3 years ago #

    It's a better way for callbacks landing pages - try CallPage - https://www.callpage.io/how-it-works

    Simple widget with a 5 minutes installation process, with:
    1. Widget for quick dialing of the page.
    2. Night mode - ordering calls after hours consultants.
    3. Ability to add images consultants and departments.
    4. SMS is sent to the customer after every call, with the number of the company and thanks for contact
    5. Monitoring all calls to the company.
    6. Integration with Google Analytics, amd some of CRM and Marketing Automation softwares.

    • RD

      Ross Dyson

      about 3 years ago #

      Pricing for CallPage is stupid though. You could pay a freelance dev to use Twilio get 90% of CallPage's top-tier features for <200 bucks.

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