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We built a spreadsheet based cost per lead (CPL) calculator that we feel is: - Easier to understand - More flexible to customize - Easier for saving multiple scenarios …than other CPL calculators we’ve seen to date. Below are the details but let’s first start with the cost per lead formula and the difference between cost per lead and cost per acquisition.

  • JF

    Javier Feldman

    3 days ago #

    I appreciate the free spreadsheet a lot in this post.
    A newbie question though, why is knowing the blended CPL important if you already have the paid ad CPL and inbound CPL numbers? Wouldn't those individual numbers help guide future actions?
    So I guess I'm not clear on what next steps the blended number helps guide.

    • DK

      Devesh Khanal

      2 days ago #

      Hi Javier, I helped develop the spreadsheet. I don't think it's that important except for internal reporting purposes (i.e. management wants to know the marketing department's overall cost per lead). Blended actually obscures or hides information. Whereas paid and inbound CPLs are things you can actually more easily affect. "Ok, we changed our bidding strategy last week and now our paid CPL on these campaigns changed to $x..."

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