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We live in the era of Disruptive Innovation.

Digital business is escalating and it seems only corporations stay stable.

We all know e-commerce and marketplace projects as startups, right?

It’s not so ANYMORE.

But nowadays online marketplaces take over the market and corporate companies do not remain intact.

Probably Kyoyu, Canon’s peer-to-peer rental marketplace, is a prime example of corporate digitalization via e-commerce platform.

So How and Why should corporations use marketplaces?

There are 3 main e-commerce paths for corporations:

  1. to completely change their business model by turning into digital marketplace
  2. to create an online marketplace that to promote the core business without disrupting it
  3. to place company’s  services/products on the third party marketplace to widen the audience and get new and direct-to-customer channel

Each of the ways involves pitfalls and fresh opportunities...