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I wanted to compile a pretty comprehensive but detailed list of tactics that are actually useful for content promotion. When I first started doing content marketing, most articles were clearly trying to create the biggest list (99 tactics) not the most useful one, so they were filled with tips like "tweet 6 times per day," which is somewhat unhelpful. Hopefully this post helps you create a promotion playbook! Let me know if I missed anything.

  • ML

    Mark Lindquist

    11 days ago #

    Great stuff, appreciate how honest you are about how effective certain popular tactics are.

  • DE

    Danni Eickenhorst

    11 days ago #

    This made my day. Was in a marketing fog moment and this provided something for me to bite into for a strategy I'm working on. Thank you!

  • OR

    Olga Rabo

    9 days ago #

    Wow, this is super in-depth! Thanks for sharing! I feel like i'll probably come back to this article for the future reference again and again.

  • TF

    Tony Freed

    4 days ago #

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing

  • JB

    Jess Butner

    3 days ago #

    Great read! Love that you included some pre-promotion items in there as well. Sometimes we forget to really think about generating traffic and building links from the beginning. Thanks for sharing!

  • PL

    pierre le poulain

    3 days ago #

    Great content ! Is there a way I can email you ? (you know for the scraping stuff related)

  • JT

    Jason Thibault

    3 days ago #

    I have a mega post that went live today. Time to work my way down this list.

  • AW

    Alaura Weaver

    2 days ago #

    Aaaand I'm adding all of this to my Trello checklist for content promo. Thanks for making it easy for all us content hustlas!

  • YV

    Yash Vardhan

    2 days ago #

    Just what I wanted Alex. Content Promotion is I guess 80% of the work. Pretty nifty and original ideas. I was working on a promotion strategy for a week now, this will help me so much.

    Keep up the nice work.

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