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Personalizing your content equals customer loyalty.

You get it.
The days of treating consumers like numbers are long gone and savvy marketers know that treating customers as individuals is a high-value proposition.

Here's the thing though.

If personalization is a SINGLE BRAND connecting with a SINGLE CUSTOMER, it demands a new level of effort and expertise from brands to accomplish this tall order.

How do you accomplish this?

Brands need to integrate customer information into an agile content delivery framework that reaches customers across multiple channels with relevant content.

It's a tall order that takes a team.

But some higher ups may still need some convincing.

So we cobbled together a comprehensive list (43 to be exact) of statistics that demonstrate why content personalization is the new gold standard in marketing.

  • GR

    Gigi Rodgers

    12 months ago #

    With the world going cray-cray over data, we sure do hand it over QUICK if it means a better shopping experience - lol!

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    12 months ago #

    "77% of marketers share that real-time personalization is crucial to marketing success while 60% report it’s difficult to execute." That's always the struggle, right? Knowing what works but not having the ability (or tech) to support it...yet.

  • JB

    Jags Bhargav

    12 months ago #

    A few days back, I read somewhere how companies are moving from creating content with the purpose of marketing to creating content to enhance reader experience. In 2019, content will be written with the purpose of enhancing the journey of a customer rather than promoting one's content or service.

    • KF

      Katy Flatt

      12 months ago #

      I think that's the right way to go -- positioning as a thought leader and wealth of information rather than blatant product pushing. That's my preferred buy-in.

  • DL

    Daniel Levi

    12 months ago #

    Good opportunity to stand out and take advantage of personalization before everyone catch on and realize how important it is... eventually will it become the norm but it will take a while until we get there.