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What is content modeling?

A method for documenting all the types of content you’ll need—now and in the future—to ensure your content management system (CMS) is effectively configured for multiple channels.

Why should you care?

Because 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase—with 60% going directly to a search engine before visiting a specific website.

Because, through a study of almost 50,000 shoppers, 73% of them make their everyday purchases on a variety of physical and digital channels.

What does that mean for you?

You’re going to need a carefully-structured content strategy if you want to deliver consistent, high-quality content when and where your audience wants it.

And that means bringing the whole team in on this process.

From the content creators to the designers and developers, it's all hands on deck.

Let's make sure you have all the information and tools you need to create content models that bring together various disciplines to help your content (and your business!) rise to the top, no matter which channel or device a consumer is using.

  • PP

    Paul Perry

    10 months ago #

    Wow. I had seen the terms "headless CMS" and "digital experience platform" thrown around before, but this really breaks it down rather clearly. So cool to see everyone from sports teams to developers leveraged these platforms in such interesting ways.

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      10 months ago #

      At first the subject sounds B-O-R-I-N-G, but I agree with you.
      This REALLY broke it down clearly. Entertaining and educational. Good stuff!

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    10 months ago #

    "Today, consumers are seeking out content on a variety of channels. If your content is chained to a website’s structure, it won’t be able to surface in places like mobile websites, apps, voice-activated IoT devices (Hi, Alexa!), and more." Headless CMS—all the way.

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      10 months ago #

      If websites still aren't mobile friendly, well...that's just shocking to me. And it shows that they REALLY don't care about utilizing BASIC tech to help pad their bottomline.

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