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Why You Need A Growth Model for Your Blog (And How to Create One)

The Lack of a Traffic Growth Model for Content is Stressful and Dangerous

I recently surveyed folks that have run content marketing at companies, and this seems to be the way blog growth is “planned”:

1. An executive comes up with a traffic goal: “We want 20,000 uniques a month by June!”

2. Content marketing manager starts writing posts, hiring writers, and trying what they can in promotion until things work.

That can work, but man it’s stressful.

And if you don’t hit your target, it’s not easy to see why.

The lack of a content marketing growth model isn’t a joke. Almost always, someone is banking on content bringing in a certain number of customers a month.

The company is counting on it.

They’re assuming a certain (growing) number of customers, trials, or leads coming in every month from content. That’s a dangerous assumption when there’s no growth plan for the blog.

Here's a bottoms up approach to model growth for your blog.

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