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What are the skills that make your customer service team stand out? We know that each member of your team is unique and that each has their own skillset, talents, and ways of doing things. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some skills are more useful than others. This means that one agent may be more effective in supporting your clients via live chat, while another will do a better job of answering calls from unhappy customers.

  • MK

    Michal Kouril

    17 days ago #

    Great post!

  • GN

    Gustavo Nunes

    11 days ago #

    Nice post.

  • AT

    Alos Tos

    7 days ago #

    Nice one!

  • KD

    Kharen Dollesin

    6 days ago #

    As a former customer service representative, I definitely agree with your elaborations. Customer Service ain't for the people who don't know how to adjust their personalities with their customers. Customers aren't always right, but they should be prioritized. Each representative should keep in mind, that customers should always be given an excellent service. Thank you for this informative article. I'll be starting my freelancing career soon, and customer support is one of my niches. I'll keep everything in my mind, and I'll be glad if I can share this on my newly created website. Thank you!