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Three weeks ago, my co-founder and I launched our video editing website. In this post, I’ll share how we got to that first SaaS dollar.

  • PH

    Pradyut Hande

    8 months ago #

    Loved the candid manner in which you've clearly highlighted what has worked and what hasn't for Kapwing yet.

    Organic discoverability is always going to be the true-north for companies at any stage of their evolutionary growth curve. Also, now that you've acquired your first few customers, capitalize on these relationships, and turn your customers into evangelists. The power of positive testimonials cannot be ignored.

    Here's wishing Kapwing all the success in the future!

  • CS

    Chery Schmidt

    8 months ago #

    Congrats on your Awesome Success! Your goal to stay positive, think creatively, and creating content is an Awesome start! Yeppers trying a lot of things and hoping to get there, little by little is the way it works. HUH.
    Great share
    Chery :))

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    8 months ago #

    Thank for this down-to-earth assessment of the different growth techniques. I'm a bit tired of all the hyped-up articles telling us how they got 2524% more traffic, sign ups or revenue. They remind me of get-rich-quick scams.

    I'd love to see more detail because that's were the devil or angel is in. For example an outreach message can make or break your campaign depending on the wording.

  • PG

    Paige Gerber

    8 months ago #

    This is awesome - thanks your sharing your experience with us! Can see exactly why the things that "really worked" worked - you created great experiences for your audience that weren't "sales-y" and instead formed a genuine connection with your audience and built trust :) All the best!

  • VS

    Vytautas Stoncius

    8 months ago #

    I think you are missing a point of why you are posting to social media, why are you creating blog post. You need to think as a consumer. Why your outreach to free user didn't work? Maybe it just wasn't worth it? Why not create a contest of your video tools for funny memes or videos or what ever comes for your mind and hashtag or blog post to win 6months free premium usage. Make one winner per week and see how customers reacts. Why should this work? Because I have people that work in same industry. I have competitors follow me, they are going to check this thing out! Instead of logo for video, I would add intro 1-5s, add people must use it to participate 😉
    Why Google AdWords is amazing, because you test keywords that are converting and then you do seo for it. Now you might rank for xxx amount of time and rank for memes, but only get free users to sing up and leave after making one meme/video. Now 100-200$ doesn't sound that expensive in comparison with tips you spent on ranking for keywords that has no good for you. Or you will have dig up info, how to turn free users to paid users.
    Let free users to try 7days premium trial in exchange for a review and link back to your website. If they link back, offer them 30day premium or basic or what ever you think will work. Send 20emails with offer x, 20 with x and see what they like and what not. Remember, provide more value to user and then ask for something in return.

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