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In 2014, five guys got together with an idea to build a company that would revolutionize sleep.

Their goal was ambitious and audacious: To create an affordable, direct-to-consumer mattress—without the need for stuffy showrooms or sleazy salespeople.

Today, their company, Casper, is valued at $750 million and serves more than 1 million customers in eight countries.. While their co-founder’ backgrounds certainly helped their initial growth, much of it has come from their innovative approach to marketing.

We recently spent a month reverse-engineering their funnel, from top to bottom. And in doing so, we found 14 killer marketing strategies you can use to get more engagement and higher conversions for your site.

In this blog post, we’ll show you:

- Why Casper reinvented the buying experience for their target market (and what you can learn from it)

- How to create content for each stage of your funnel (even if you own an e-commerce store)

- The best link building strategy we’ve ever seen (hint: it involves .edu sites) - A simple, but little-known way to “monopolize” your Google search ads

- How to get customers to refer their friends to your brand (without needing to ask)