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There’s a certain level of FOMO (fear of missing out) you feel when you read case studies of other successful marketers. It usually involves them discovering and utilizing this one definitive tactic. It makes you feel like a loser when you try the tactic and… well… don’t experience the same success. Read about all the benefits ReferralCandy saw from their virtual summit, even if it didn't hit the attendee numbers they had hoped.

  • JB

    Jera Brown

    16 days ago #

    It's so helpful to remember that what works for one company might not work for another. There are so many variables at play. AND that you don't have to use a standard measurement of success. Why not make your own? This venture was successful for these reasons ... That's the entrepreneurial spirit. How do you measure success?

    • AN

      Andrew Nicoletta

      16 days ago #

      So true, Jera! I also believe it's too common for companies to compare themselves to competitors and think, "since they did it this way, we must." Or if another company in a different industry sees success someway, they can replicate it.

  • NC

    Nathan Collier

    16 days ago #

    Great stuff from Si Quon!

  • PH

    Pradyut Hande

    15 days ago #

    Great insights.

    It's easy to overlook the potential upsides of failures in a high-growth chasing ecosystem. There's a reason why experts propound the "experiment and learn" concept.

    • AN

      Andrew Nicoletta

      14 days ago #

      Absolutely, Pradyut. As marketers, I feel there's a tendency (myself included) to hide the failures and move on. Yet, there can almost always be some derivative success either directly from that experiment or indirectly as a lesson for next time.

      • SO

        Si Quan Ong

        11 days ago #

        I think Matthew Barby and Brian Balfour put it succinctly: "the experiment is only a failure if you do not learn anything from it."

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