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This is the most in-depth SEO case study you'll ever read.

It took me 16 months of work to publish it.

You can learn its key takeaways in 16 minutes and use them to grow your organic revenue & ROI.

All data is included in the case study (traffic, revenue, ROI etc.) as well as actions taken (number and type of backlinks built, the exact content types published etc.)

Here's a quick snapshot of the data included:

Note: the GIF above is a snapshot of Google Data Studio we used to track our results in real time. If you're curious to see it, here's a direct link to a dashboard we used. Make sure to read the case study page afterwards so you understand the context behind the data.

The case study will cover the 3-step SEO process used to grow this eCommerce store in detail:

  • Selecting the pages & keywords with the highest eCommerce ROI potential
  • Optimizing selected pages for conversion rate, user experience and search engines
  • Link building strategy (anchor text selection, which pages to build links to and which types of links to build)

Here's a quick snapshot of what you're about to see after clicking a "Read Full Post" button:

Click the button bellow to see full case study. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments. I'll reply to each comment.