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The problem

Frustrated by the massive task of manually searching socials for customers’ video reviews. In the hyper-competitive world of e-commerce, user-generated video reviews are a powerful conversion tool.

Shopify store Grill Rescue was one business determined to leverage video reviews to boost sales and revenue. But they’d run into a problem.

While social channels were full of superfans organically posting super-positive reviews about Grill Rescue’s products, finding and collecting them was like looking for a needle in a digital haystack.

It fell on co-founder Anthony Tranchida to manually root around sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to find reviews.

Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t gathering enough third-party content to turn more site visitors into buyers—and knew he was only scratching the surface.

Anthony needed a way to automate the onerous job of finding video content, and display it on his site in a way that was enticing and irresistibly clickable for shoppers. So he hit the Shopify app store to find a solution.

The solution

Reeview’s automated platform finds hundreds of authentic user-generated video reviews in under a minute.

Getting the reviews up on site was seamless. Because Reeview automatically matched the video reviews with Anthony’s products, all he had to do was click a ‘Publish’ button and the videos were right there on his product pages—where customers’ purchasing decisions are made!

The results

  • Shoppers spend 22% more time on Anthony’s site—and sales & revenue sizzle.
  • Shoppers watched an average of 1.8 videos per visit and spent 200+ more hours on his product pages.

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    Ioan Claudiu Cioba

    8 days ago #

    As the founder of Reeview I personally worked very closely with grillrescue.com and monitored shopper interactions with our video widgets. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll gladly answer.