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I have another in-depth case study for you.

In this post I’m going to show you:

📈 How one of my LinkedIn posts got 114,000 views and still counting.

📈 How I’m able to consistently get hundreds of comments on my LinkedIn posts.

📈 How I created the most engaged post in a 40k-members Facebook group with over 1,300 comments.

📈 How I used LinkedIn and Facebook to grow our email list from 0 to over 3,000 subscribers with $0 and starting with 0 social media presence.

📈 The marketing automation flow I’m using to get 70%+ open rates on my lead magnet emails.

Before I go any further let me tell you that I’m not a social media star and I don’t care that much about personal brand.

I have a soon to launch marketing automation software - Encharge.

My goal with social media is to generate leads that I can later nurture into paying customers.

I knew that LinkedIn and Facebook groups are great channels for lead generation, and I wanted to figure a way to make them work for Encharge.

There was just one issue. My LinkedIn had 0 engagement when I started. Literary 0 likes and 0 comments on 95% of my posts. The other 5% had 2-3 likes per post..

I’ve been throwing links on my feed for months. I wonder how LinkedIn didn’t block my account thinking I’m a bot.

It took some time, efforts and experiments, but now I’m getting results like:

100K+ views, 951 comments, and 600+ email leads from a single post on LinkedIn.

I followed a formulaic approach to get there.

In the case study, I have shared the nuts and bolts of this approach, but if I have to summarize it would be:

1. I published 2-3 posts a week (in the post, I share the exact type of posts that have worked for me).

2. I grew my LinkedIn network using 3 easy, automated steps.

3. I followed a simple but proven content structure for my engagement posts.

4. I promoted my engagement posts very aggressively in the first hour of the post (Read the post to see the top-secret tool I used to get my posts viral).

This is how I managed to get from 0 likes and comments to thousands of them.

There's one other thing – I’m getting drowsy every time I hear someone talks about likes and viral stuff.

As I said, I couldn’t care less about likes. After all, likes won’t pay the bills. But hot leads in your email list may.

In the guide, I’ll show you the marketing automation flow and the exact email I’m using to get these people to open my emails (70%+ open rates) and wait for my next email.

Let me know what you think about this approach to growing your email by leaving a comment below.

The post -> https://encharge.io/engagement-posts/

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