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One of the most prominent security threats plaguing the contemporary corporate environment has little to do with concerted and planned external attacks. In fact, it has more to do with the fact that businesses are using a plethora of inadequately secured office productivity tools to get their work done.

The use of third-party applications that have not been customized to specific business requirement. This is best combated by the implementation of rapid application development tools. The best RAD tools enable end-users to develop their own applications with easily comprehensible visual tools that prevent the need to write enormous blocks of code. The best RAD tools like HokuApps feature pre-built templates and modules, so that codes can be reused and customized to suit business specific requirements. This offers a multitude of technical and commercial advantages for organizations of all sizes and industries.

The HokuApps RAD tools, in particular, are uniquely poised to address application development needs with its relevant and powerful capabilities:

  1. Low-Code App Development Like the best RAD tools in the market, HokuApps’ rapid application development tools let users create apps without writing a lot of code. Instead, it offers a drag-and-drop user interface that lets users pick and choose software components that are necessary. This means data-driven apps can be created through an automated process, be it automation for business processes or any aspect of silo management. More complex operations do require some amount of IT knowledge, but much of the development can be an accomplishment by someone with a basic understanding of the platform’s abilities.  
  2. Accelerated Development HokuApps rapid application development tools reduce time-to-market to a significant extent by implementing low-code capabilities to create high-quality applications within tight deadlines. By enabling companies to create reusable software components which can take care of specific business needs. Even users with little specific programming language expertise can combine these components to create applications that meet their particular requirements. Lack of hand-coding reduces development time and frees IT teams for more important and complex engagements.  
  3. Automated App Deployment With the HokuApps rapid application development tools, it is possible to deploy a native or cross-platform app for any mobile environment with a single click. Whether the app to be built should be native or cross-platform is a decision that must be based on what platform the majority of the end-users are on, i.e., iOS and Android. The app is created on the basis of enterprise requirements and connects the entire system on a single platform, which makes for easy governance.  
  4. Resource Optimization The HokuApps rapid application model’s low-code approach liberates IT teams from having to involve themselves in every nuance of the app development process. Instead of constantly responding to the update requirements and fixing minor bugs, IT can focus on strategic goals that fortify its value to the entire business by augmenting digital transformation. HokuApps rapid application development tools allow for the creation of reusable components that can be utilized to resolve common issues and can facilitate generic functions like data management and collaboration between individuals and departments.  
  5. Convergence of Business and IT Business leaders know best what would serve as commercial ends. Without RAD tools, IT would have to engage in a time-consuming and complex information gathering process to understand what business features are expected in an app. Instead, if business leaders can do much of the app development by partnering with HokuApps, then the final output is more likely to meet exact requirements.  
  6. Communicating with End-Users HokuApps’ iPhone application development service include customizable solutions that can create easily navigable dashboards. The RAD process model is empowered with cloud-based user and workforce feedback system, which aim to make end-users a part of the process. It lets the business, through their apps, deliver to and communicate with end-users in real time. The HokuApps rapid application development tools also make it possible to add and manage multiple API extensions and nodes in accordance with development requirement at the time.
  7. Centralized Data Management If HokuApps RAD tools are used to create a number of applications to serve a single business, then it is imperative for them to have a centralized database that facilitates their management. The HokuApps rapid application development tools include a scalable and robust online database that enable simple and transparent management of multiple apps.  
  8. App Testing The HokuApps rapid application development model comes with a framework for constructing testing environments that can be seamlessly integrated with over 500 cloud-based third-party connections. The RAD process model also offers a set of tools that facilitate the complete creation and automation of end-to-end tests according to previously received feedback.  
  9. Data Recovery and Backup The best rapid application development tools must take note of data safety and security, as it is a prime concern for both enterprise and customer-driven apps. HokuApps’ rapid application development tools offer the option to sync data or determine a schedule to do so in accordance with a company’s requirements. Data is automatically backed up to a secure server, impervious to malware. The data, reports, trends and other relevant information, can be accessed by logging into the HokuApps portal.  
  10. Easy Integration When using the HokuApps rapid application development tools, organizations can reap the added benefit of easy app integrations or convert ios app to android. A large number of companies have software infrastructure that features legacy applications, data sources, and third-party software like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. HokuApps rapid application development tools are equipped with connectors that can link disparate systems, streamline their functions, and operate in alignment with numerous, different processes.  
  11. Improves Existing IT Setup Hassle-free integration brings with it the benefit of a more productive, result-oriented IT structure. Using the best RAD tools by HokuApps improves an organization’s software structure by linking it with the company’s advanced upgrades and data sources.

The HokuApps rapid application development tools leverage the features of the best RAD tools in operation. The best rapid application development tools take into account both common industry needs and the nuances of unconventional product lines. Extensive research and surveys of industries and users have elicited information that the HokuApps rapid application development tools create applications that encourage profit, productivity, and engagement.