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Call centers are an essential component of customer service teams, so they should be routinely evaluated for quality assurance. Therefore, customer service managers should monitor the efficiency of their teams closely, and continuously look for vital information that will help them improve the customer experience.

Thankfully, those responsible for the overall performance of call centers have many useful metrics available at their fingertips. When analyzed together, these indicators not only help managers with optimizing the performance of call center agents but also enable companies to determine the effectiveness of their customer service as a whole.

Let’s analyze the main metrics that every call center manager should be tracked continuously.

  • FD

    Fred D

    3 months ago #

    Call centers are a real calamity in France, people are harassed and sometimes receive more than 5 calls a day, they become aggressives when they discover that they have gone all the way to the phone for a call center salesman.