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Backlinks or inbound links are important for a website to get higher authority and rank higher in the search rankings. Only good quality links help in achieving the objective.

The best way to create quality backlinks is to create them manually. Building quality links is time consuming and tedious process. But the hard work pays off. I have built backlinks to my blog using these methods.

The shortcut ways of creating backlinks may end up in a penalty. The most dangerous method of building inbound links is by using automatic softwares.

Building backlinks too aggressively also hurts the SEO process. Remember Google has to roll out just one update to bring those using these methods back to square one.

When a new Google update rolls out, many businesses who use dubious methods go out of business.

Keep in mind that a way of making shady backlinks may not be in the black list of the search engines today but the very moment search engines came to know about such methods, they implement an update to curb these malpractices.

The best practices to make inbound links in the safest possible manner are discussed below. But don’t overdo anything, as search engines love natural backlinks. In link building, slow and steady still wins the race.

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