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When was the last time you clicked on an image ad? No, seriously.

I personally do not remember because it has been donkey's years! Yet I find that marketers dive right into the madness of display ads, when it comes to retargeting.

In this age of saturation, you need to try something new, something that would catch the users attention.

Right from Amazon to Nike to an Etsy store owner - everyone is jumping the ship to create better video content. In this age of video dominance, you just can't afford to ignore video ads.

So I got in touch with a few experts like Paul from Adexpresso, Anshuk form Adyogi (who also shared the ads one of his customer sent and the result they got) and Sandeep from Turms, who runs an e-commerce store, to share some insights on retargeting with video ads and how marketers can leverage it to get more sales. And oh boy, did they have to some actionable insights!

Here are some points covered in the article-

-Leveraging the power of movement
-Video ads as a retargeting grenade
-How to bring back the 98% that got away
-Changing the retargeting ad game

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