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Slack's website gets over 100 million visitors every single month.

Their conversion rate is among the highest in the industry.

What is it about their website, apart from the product, that makes people Sign up?

Is it just the popularity of the app?

Or does the website hold keys to better design and conversions?

I HAD to find out!

So I wrote an article detailing all the elements and tactics that you need to steal from Slack's website and apply to your own.

There's a lot to learn. Check it out!

P.S In this 3500 word guide I'll walk you through:

- How Slack combines benefits and features AND explains their product at the same time

- How slack leverages it's integrations for an additional 1 million+ monthly traffic

- The personalization techniques that Slack uses to connect with every visitor

- The formula for creating high converting testimonials
And so much more...