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Gary Vee goes H.A.M. (aka Hard as a Mother******) And not too many people go deep into his strategy (well, that I know of), but I guess today was a special treat for me. One, his DailyVee was a RARE inside look into his content marketing strategy for his personal brand, with his team, which is bananas. And then I came across this article which does a deep dive into his sales funnel and social media strategy. The author goes into: - the breakdown of Gary Vee's strategy ("watch what I do, not what I say") - how he would improve Gary's marketing strategy (ballsy) - and how we can implement Gary's strategy for our own business and brand (hell, I got tired just reading it) It's a good read. I have my thoughts on this, but what are your thoughts on these strategies and trying to implement them for your brand/company?

  • BE

    Bastian Ernst

    almost 2 years ago #

    thanks for posting this Gigi! :-)

    what I personally love about Gary Vee is how he focuses on context next to content. the same piece gets repurposed all over the internet but speaks to the audience of the platform (context). Really impressive! Learned a lot while researching him :)

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      almost 2 years ago #

      No problem, man.
      Thanks for the breakdown - it was a good read and I dig that you added your own take to his processes'.

      I've been "fangirling" Gary for about 5+ years now and have memorised a lot about the guy! Lol!

      This is one nugget, I've noticed about Gary and context:
      Before he goes onto the stage to give a keynote - on the fly, about 5-10 minutes before going on, he'll ask the organiser, "Who's my audience? What are they made up of - startups or industry peoples? What do they want to know more about?", etc.

      And then he'll restructure his speech to fit THAT SPECIFIC demographic, so they walk out with strategy in their mind.
      So not only does he go into context on social, but in his keynotes as well.
      And that's pretty badass.

  • AL

    Apostolis Lianos

    9 months ago #

    One of the top 3 articles I've read for GaryVee. Super detailed. Thanks for sharing Gigi!

    ps: the rest two are:
    https://medium.com/@paulkeefe/3-reasons-why-i-stopped-following-gary-vaynerchuk-on-instagram-7b6025cbd42b (sad-but-true perspective)
    https://blog.contactpigeon.com/gary-vee-scaling/ (already submitted this one in GH 😆 )

  • JP

    Jaime Pazmino

    almost 2 years ago #

    Awesome content!

    This is a really deep dive breakdown of GV's sales funnel!!

  • NC

    Nathan Collier

    almost 2 years ago #

    Gary's personality has always been a little over the top for my personal taste. But there's no denying he has a great understanding of how to make money. Great breakdown!

    • GR

      Gigi Rodgers

      almost 2 years ago #

      LOL! He is a wild child that definitely gets overexcited at times (ahem! The Seth Godin interview) - but as you said, he knows how to make money AND he knows how to get attention to his products and build his audience without being a dick about it.

      As some companies are doing offensive strategic marketing to get attention to their companies brand.

      I think he does give more than he receives and he lives the Honey vs. Vinegar.
      It works.

  • AS

    Andrew Sunil

    almost 2 years ago #

    Wow. I have been watching Gary Vee for so long. He is my hero. My idol. I had no idea what he did behind the scenes was so detailed. And awesome. You guys are really cool for taking the time to put this together.

  • JZ

    Jacob Zangelidis

    almost 2 years ago #

    This is an awesome breakdown of probably the best strategy for branding out there!

    Thank you Bastian for writing the article and Gigi for posting it! Keep up the awesome work ;)

  • KL

    Kevin L

    almost 2 years ago #

    If I understand the essence of his books "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook" and "The Thank You Economy", some of the recommended improvements would not be Gary's best practices.

    I don't think all of your recommendations are gaps on Gary's end. I believe he intentionally does not deploy some of those tactics because the "jab" has to be real and genuine. If his jab gets dirty in the "buy my ebook" swamp, his brand is tarnished. Gary's got his jab game down so well and sincere, that his rare right hook feels like a present to the VaynerNation.

    Specifically, regarding email addressees, I doubt Gary considers capturing an email a priority to his tactics. He'll use it if people want it, but most people I know are on email overload and not even opening most of them. Gary has made reference to this pattern for years. Friends sharing and targeted recommendations (i.e. social curation) is a far more effective way to penetrate the modern content noise cloud.