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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Print ads, Landing pages, Email newsletters - oh my...

Your business has more marketing channels at its disposal than ever before.

There are literally THOUSANDS of channels to choose from, which makes brand consistency more important than it’s ever been.

While having so many channels at your disposal can make it easier to make a branding mistake, it also provides a huge opportunity to reach customers far and wide with an effective brand strategy.

But that doesn’t mean every online business is nailing it.

To make sure your business is fully wielding its power to enforce brand consistency across all those channels, let's go over:

-- what brand consistency is and why it’s important
--the tools and strategies you can use to enforce consistency and make it recognizable to your customers
-- a look at some brands, and online businesses, that are crushing this strategy

  • TE

    Tina Eaton

    12 months ago #

    "The easiest way to maintain brand consistency is to be true to yourself and your company with your brand messaging. That way, enforcing brand consistency will be natural, not a chore."