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Nearly 25% more in profit.

That’s what brand consistency could mean for your business.

The unfortunate reality is that far too many companies lack brand consistency.

When Lucidpress and Demand Metric surveyed over 200 organizations, they found that less than 10% felt their companies were failing to present a consistent brand narrative while nearly 90% felt doing so was important to the success of their businesses.

Part of the issue seems to be execution.

While 95% of organizations have created some form of brand guidelines, only 25% reported that those guidelines are consistently used.

Nearly two-thirds of companies shared that materials are always, often, or sometimes developed without using brand guidelines.

This is a recipe for confusion in the market.

When you fail to build a consistent brand, you miss out on generating leads and nurturing sales.

Customers need to first connect with your brand and feel that it is authentic and worth their investment.

Building a consistent brand is all about developing trust with customers.
If they feel that your brand is consistent, customers will be more receptive to it as they will associate it with commitment and quality.

Let’s dive into some specific strategies you can put into place to ensure brand consistency in your company and secure greater profits.